What would you do?

So I drove up to the ATM machine at the bank today and the screen still had the bank balance of the person in front of me. For a second I was a little shocked. Then the screen went to the question: “Do you want another transaction?” And I realized the guy in front of me had forgotten his card in the machine. So I pushed no and took his card out of the card reader and finished my own transaction. I almost forgot my own card because I still had his card in my hand but I put  my card and my money in my purse and went to the front of the bank and took his card to the teller. As I was pulling out of the parking lot I saw him come back and he also saw me. He noticed me motioning to him and I told him I had taken his card inside.

What would you have done? Have you ever seen the show “What would you do?” I don’t usually watch it because there’s usually something else on TV we watch. But when I do I’d like to think I would say something. I did say something one time when a man was loudly cursing in a restaurant and I had young children with me. And I thank God that I live in a small town and most people are decent and there isn’t much crime here. But some of the things I have seen on TV make me cringe and turn the channel definitely.

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