A church gives in to the ‘world’

A few days ago the local news station reported that a catholic school withdrew a job offer from a counselor because she said she was gay and planning to marry her partner. Naturally, there was public outcry and protesting. My reaction was: of course they don’t want to hire her, it’s a church that doesn’t believe in the lifestyle. The next day, the school changed their policy to include LGBT employees and everybody is happy. I’m pretty sure they just didn’t want to get sued. It makes me sad to see that this church so quickly changed its mind and gave in to the pressure that the public put on them.

The woman has now decided not to take the job but the mayor and alumni of the school are ‘disappointed’ in the school’s reaction to the situation. They expected the church to react like the world would have and not discriminate. But the church did not do it to discriminate but to assure parents and students that their school would be one in which ‘the world’ did not invade. And now it has.

What would Jesus do? Jesus wants us to love one another, as I have repeatedly stated in my other posts. So should the church keep gay teachers and boy scout leaders out of our churches and christian groups? Or should we include them so that we can show them our love and set a good example to lead them to Christ? I’m not sure. You have to decide that for yourself in prayer.

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In the Name of Jesus!

A few days ago, I was trying to write a post regarding continuing my study in Colossians but I just couldn’t concentrate and only got about 3 lines written before I gave up. And I usually post something on Mondays so I’m almost a week late now. But of course, God had other plans. I started to look in Paul’s other letters to the churches to see what he said about prayer (because that was the next verse’s theme) and found a verse that stopped my reading further.

“Don’t be intimidated in any way by your enemies. This will be a sign to them that they are going to be destroyed, but that your are giong to be saved, even by God himself.”

Wow! I immediately got a picture in my head of being in an alley with a really scary guy who looks like he wants to do me harm. But then God swoops in like a superhero and saves me!! And have you ever seen the video of the robber who walks into the jewelry store and asks for money but the woman behind the counter yells, “Get out of my store in the name of JESUS?!” The man looks confused for a moment and then backs out of the store without a dime?

God also says He is on our side so this verse does not surprise me but I wonder if I really was confronted by an enemy how I would react. Because you know the first reaction we humans have is to fight or leave. Coud I really act like I wasn’t scared? I’ve seen movies where the victim tries to be calm and unaffected. But could I do it? Not sure. This verse certainly makes me more confident if a dangerous scenario should happen. If I can bring up the picture of God as a superhero in my mind then I would be more likely to stay calm and confront someone when the time comes. But what if it’s not an enemy that is not dangerous physically but mentally or emotionally like cancer or a family member trying to hurt us? God can still defeat cancer, just think of him when the doctors are dispensing chemo. And pray for God to be your superhero when dealing with that stubborn family member. It may take more time than defeating the man in the alley but He is still there to defeat those enemies and He will still win.

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