For God’s Glory

Some of us are stay at home moms, some of us work in fast food, some of us blog, some are career men or women. But the most important question is not “What do you do?” but “Why do you do it?” Do you do it for your own personal sarisfaction? Do you do you it to please other people? Or do you do it for God? If you are a Christian and have committed your life and heart to God then that should be your first priority. Will this please God? Will it show others that He rules my life and that is a good thing? Sure we all have some bad days, me included, but we should try to show His love to the world to the best of our ability. Christians who are rude to waiters and cashiers, or anyone for that matter, give the world a bad impression of us. But if we are known as the “nice neighbor” or co-worker it will help them make a positive decision when you ask them to your church. So go and spread some of God’s love and glory….

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