Why does God give us wrinkles?

So I was looking in the mirror the other day and noticed a few new wrinkles. And if you are forty something like me, you don’t look forward to those at all.

“They” say that Americans spend  millions of dollars a year on anti-aging products and make up to make ourselves look younger. Every time I go to the drug store or beauty salon I see so many products it makes me dizzy and wonder which ones really work and which ones just want to take all my money. The rich who have money to spend on the best money can buy, use it for surgery or mud treatments or whatever is the latest trend to make them look better. But most of us don’t have the money or the time to do those things.

I think God gave us wrinkles to distinguish the older, wiser people from the young, new, inexperienced ones. In most Asian cultures, older people are revered and cared for and respected for their wisdom. They are the first ones asked for advice and the first ones served at meals. Unfortunately, in the United States some of our elders are left alone in retirement homes and forgotten. But they have the most wrinkles. They have lived the longest lives. They have known both the most love and the most hardship. We should be asking them for their advice and wisdom. There are exceptions, of course, some of our elders are in prison or cranky or have lost their memories. But God loves them anyway. So go ask your grandparents for advice or talk to them about a problem you might have. Or go visit a retirement home and make friends with someone there. You might be surprised at who also needs a friend.

If God is the wisest of all of us, does he have the most wrinkles? No, because G0d is perfect.

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