Second surgery

So tomorrow is cataract surgery on my left eye. I know what’s going to happen now but that doesn’t comfort me much. The dr will still be cutting into my eye and I have to lie there and let him! But a song on the radio encouraged me this morning, “Hallelujah, Jesus lives in me.” In my last post, I said how comforting it is to be able to turn to God’s Word and find verses there to comfort us and tell us He loves us. Another way I have found God working in my life is through music. I only listen to Christian music and love to hear His words in my car. KLOVE, which has stations all over the country, is the station I usually listen to and they have a challenge to new listeners to try them for 30 days. Many people call in to the station and say how much their spiritual lives have improved after changing their listening habits. And I know those who say they don’t have time for a daily Bible study would benefit from hearing Christian music in their cars. That’s my tip of the day, friends. I will write again after my eyes are healed and my vision is perfect, maybe?

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