My first book

I published my first book yesterday! It’s called “Amy’s Story”. You can find it on  It took about 4 years to write because when I started I still had 5 kids at home. Then I went to college for the next two and finally got a degree. So I’ve spent the last six months editing and perfecting it. I have to say that when I clicked the mouse for the last time, I cried. God has blessed me in between all of the hard times. It may have seemed like it would never happen but it has. I praise Him for His presence in my life through all the good and the bad,  for He is FAITHFUL.

We have been doing a study in my women’s group called “Kingdom Woman” that tells how a woman can and should have confidence in herself and God ‘s love. There have been times in my life when I have had very little confidence but thank God He has been a presence via people and His Word. I know when I’m feeling a bit off I just need to spend a few minutes reading the scriptures and  His words will make me right again! So I pray friends you will do the same and go to Him when you need a change in your day.

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