Jesus’s Rescue

I was reading Ps. 130:7 today for my devotional and it says, “… The Lord’s unfailing love is full redemption.” Redeem in the dictionary means to buy or pay off and redemption is the act of redeeming for a fault or mistake: a rescue. And that is surely what Jesus has done. He rescued us from the guilt, shame and consequence of having to go to the devil’s home after we sin. Because of Jesus’ rescue all we have to do is ask and we will be forgiven for all those ugly, stupid decisions we have made. He will even forget about them and toss them in to the Sea of Forgetfulness. We may bring them up in our minds but He also says in His word that He is not condemning us and hitting us over the head with them. He wants us to forget them too, not bring them up over and over again. So friends, let Jesus rescue you from your past and your sins. And forget them as He has.

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I just returned from a week as a nanny at Young Lives camp. It’s a part of Young Life for teen moms. So college, high schoolers and middle aged women like me go to take care of the babies while the moms play and hear the gospel.

I was one of seven women in a room of nine 17-20 month old babies. And they kept us hopping! One child threw up on one woman twice and a second woman a third time. Another child overflowed his diaper on the first woman. She asked me what the Lord would be trying to teach her. I told her humility. God wants us to know that we are never better than anyone else. We are never better than the person who has nothing. We are to serve each other to keep us humble because we never know when we may need the help ourselves. Someone to hold us up, give us a hug or their time. So friends, remember that God loves you and He wants you to pass that love on by thinking about others first.

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