#attitudeofgratitude space and sky

I thought I had posted this a week ago but aparently not. So here it is a week late: I have a few days of thankfulness to make up since I was on vacation. As I was telling you, this past week I spent time out of town on vacation. The difference between Washington state and Arizona is vast and wide space. In the Evergreen state we have trees, trees and lots of trees, evergreens and maples and pines too. But Arizona was mostly desert, dirt rocks, rock mountains and some green trees and shrubs. But we saw the most beautiful sunset ever. Most of the time, there was not a cloud in the sky, which was a big relief because this time of year, Washington skies are full of clouds and rain. But one evening, there were a few clouds and the sunset shining on those clouds made the most awesome colors in the sky. But here, see for yourself….

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