White as Snow

It’s snowing again in Washington. That is not unusual except that I don’t live in the mountains. I live at sea level and it is unusual for us. Driving down the road I was thinking how beautiful it is when snow is falling, when it covers everything like a blanket of beauty and quiet. But then cars drive over it and pollution and man made things make it dirty, like our sins and thoughts make us dirty. We are born as innocent babes but make choices that change us and our lives. But I praise God often that He is a forgiving God and all we have to do is ask and we are innocent and white as snow again.

You may think you are too late if you make a mistake. Do think you’ve done something that God can’t forgive? Are there some sins that are so bad He doesn’t love you anymore? If you’ve been to rehab more than 2 times and are still filled with temptation will He help you? If you  have been to prison is there still hope for you? The Bible says “nothing -NO THING – can separate us from God’s love.” So HAVE NO FEAR He will never leave you or stop loving you and His forgiveness will wash you WHITE AS SNOW! Click To Tweet

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