He does and you are….loved

Let’s face it, the world can be an ugly place to live. People are not always nice to each other. I’ve heard so many stories about parents hurting their kids with words, making them feel less then the wonderful people they are. Some family members pick on one person that may be clumsy or chubby just so they can entertain themselves at holiday get-togethers. I’ve heard about people who hang out with friends who do nothing but put them down so they can make themselves feel better. And cyber-bullies type their hate onto people they may or may not know because they are bored and think someone wants to hear their opinion. What I do know is that all of these people are making others feel unloved and lowering their self-esteem to the point that the world does not believe that God loves them. They only rely on other people’s love and most of the time, that fails.

If you’ve read my bio you know that I have 5 kids. And I have been through the scary driving lessons with all of them driving now. The rule in the car is the person who is driving gets to choose what is on the radio. (But no rap music, that’s one thing I can’t stand is rap music.) So this is why I usually prefer to make my husband instruct the kids when they are driving or accompanying them in-training. The other reason is I feel like I am in a panic most of the time and holding onto the seat cushions!

I always have the radio on a christian radio station. It keeps my focus on God and keeps me calm. There’s a song on the radio called “Live like you’re loved.” It says, “…act like you’ve been set free. His love has made you more than enough. So go ahead and be who he made you to be.” I know the one person we can count on to love us all the time is God. When our boyfriends/girlfriends/spouses are not being particularly kind today or our children are not being respectful or our friends are not loving us the way we want them to, all we have to do is look to God for the perfect love that we need. He does love you and and you are loved today, tomorrow and unto eternity! Click To Tweet

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