#MovieReview “The Shack”

I saw the move “The Shack” last night. Wow, it was certainly an eye-opening tear jerker. And it was an awesome look at what a healthy relationship with God should look like. I cried laughed and sighed at what I saw on the screen. I learned two important things:

The first thing is we don’t know what another person goes through when they are in the last moments of their lives. They may be suffering at the hands of another person but still at peace because God is there with them. God may have taken away their pain miraculously or taken their minds to another place. And especially if they know they are going to Heaven after they die; they may not be suffering at all.

When my father was on his death bed, be prayed the “sinner’s prayer” with a chaplain at the veteran’s hospital. This chaplain was young and just graduated from the seminary, I think. The prayer was awkward and stilted. I’m not sure he had ever prayed or practiced it before. I might have been able to do a better job and I was just a baby christian myself. But he got the job done and my father was visibly relieved afterwards. I told him, ”Now, we can be together in Heaven, Dad.” And maybe one day he will tell me he’s sorry like the father of the main character. Because my dad wasn’t a good dad here on earth. I know there are hundred, millions of people even who turn to Christ at the very last second of their lives. But God is just pleased that they do because He wants everyone to come to salvation, even the criminals, as He says in the movie.

The second thing I learned in the movie is that God is our Judge and no one else. We have all sinned and fallen short of His glory, his target of perfection. So every time your hero, your favorite celebrity, your government officials and especially your friends and family members do something wrong, don’t condemn them and make them suffer for what they have done wrong. FORGIVE them and give them a chance to do it right the next time. For more about what God says on forgiveness and God’s love in the Bible read my new book:

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I leave you with Paul’s wish for the Philippians, and my wish for you: “May you always be filled with the fruit of your salvation, the right righteous character produced in your life by Jesus Christ, for this will bring much glory and praise to God.” Phil. 1:11

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