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This is a quote from Chapter 7:

My college history teacher asked us to name a favorite food or movie when she was calling names for attendance each day. One day she asked us to name our favorite movie character and why. Now, I have to admit my answer wasn’t an original one. I copied it from someone who was ahead of me in the alphabet. But it was a truthful answer. I do admire Katniss Everdeen because of her bravery and courage. And this revelation was what woke me up and led me to finish the first book I had started but was too scared to publish. I had too much doubt that anyone would want to read it or that it was good enough. But I finally came to the conclusion that I loved to write and I had to write it for someone to read, not just for myself. Plus, it was better than some of the books I had read. So I decided I would just do it and let God do the rest.”

Actually, the first brave thing I did was going to college at 40 years old. I had always been a stay at home mom. My mother was not, she worked a lot of hours and I had to go home after school, missing a lot of extracurricular activities and things with my friends, to babysit my brother. So I decided that I wanted to be home for my kids and watch them grow into little people. All of my kids were in high school when I took the plunge and went off to college. But putting my heart and soul out there for all to see was a totally different thing.

Is there something that God wants you to do that is out of your comfort zone? Lead a Bible study? Talk to a friend who you think needs help? Take the plunge into a new ministry? Find a prayer partner that can pray with you to confirm your answer and give you more courage to “BE BRAVE AND HAVE COURAGE.” Psalm 27:14

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