How will you serve God? Part 2

Serve God by loving your children the way God would. How does God love us? UNCONDITIONALLY.

That means that you love them no matter what they have done. We all fail at things, it is a natural fact of life. You have two choices: you can pat them on the back and say good try or you can help them set attainable goals to be as great as you know they can be. And encourage them to try something new they might be better at. Make sure they know you love them no matter what place they come in. Click To Tweet Most of us have seen the TV reality shows like American Idol or X Factor where contestants audition in front of famous music stars and sing their hearts out for a chance at a music career. Most of them are really good and go on to the next level, eventually to be kicked off by the best. But some we laugh at and wonder how they think they could make it onto the show. Unfortunately, some kids are told they are “Awesome!” and good at everything by their parents. They don’t encourage them to find the one thing they are good at and help them excel at that one thing. This is how they think they can sing like an angel when they really sound like an alley cat. So help your children find the one or two things they love to do and do well, then they will definitely be successful in life. Besides, it is not possible for one person to be perfect at everything so why not be good at one thing?

All five of my children played soccer at age five or so but not all of them continued to play when they got older. Two of them played for their high school teams but one changed to run track in high school and now goes to college on a track scholarship. One of them went on to perform and compete in color guard. And the youngest one didn’t do any sports in high school. So they all had the same beginning in local sports activities but chose different paths later on. Teach them to have realistic expectations. Not every child is going to be the star of the team or have the best artwork on the walls. If all they did is try their best, that was enough for me. And some of them will have the motivation to do better and reach goals they set. But others will decide to move on to something else and make that activity their best.

It pains me to hear of parents who have given up on their children, written them off as unlovable or unsalvageable. They may just need some ‘tough love.’ There may be a situation in which a son or daughter may need the psychological and emotional help of an expert that you cannot offer, which means you have to seek the help of someone who will be able to help them and you deal with those unique problems.

And of course, God would want you to bring up your children to know and love Him, which leads back to another post based on Joshua 24:15, “As for me and my house.” I did not grow up in a Christian home; I wasn’t saved until after I had my first child, so I didn’t know what to teach them about God. I taught them as I learned in church and also relied on what their Sunday school taught them. As a result, they didn’t all take their beliefs into their teens. But I prayed for them daily. And we had conversations every chance I could about what I personally believed. I apologized to them once because I had stopped going to church for a short time because of some stress and spiritual crisis I was going through. But it continued to pray. And now, as adults, most have made the decision to follow Him again. Praise God! But there are still two I am praying for. God is good and He will reach them one day.

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2 thoughts on “How will you serve God? Part 2

  1. Very true! It is sad when I child doesn’t know their talents or abilities because they haven’t been cultivated and developed. Children need our love and our guidance unconditionally. Thank you for the reminder.

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