A refreshing, cleansing shower

We have all heard our referred to as dirty or scarlet, but in Hebrews 10 it says Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross allows us to approach God with clean hearts. And in the first chapter of Isaiah, God pleads with his people, He tells them to change their ways, turn away from evil, and do good; if they will be obedient and turn back to him, “Though your sins are like scarlet, They shall be as white as snow.” That was all a preface to say that we all feel dirty sometimes because of something that we’ve done, today or something in our past. Whether you’ve been a Christian for a day, a year or twenty five years like I have, I hope you will read this post and try it. It may help you get rid of some sin and bring forgiveness.

I don’t know about all of you but at the end of the day, the first sentence of my prayer at bedtime is to ask for forgiveness for whatever sins I’ve comitted that day, those that I remember and those that I don’t. It’s a wonderful, peaceful end to the day, and along with praising Him for His blessings, makes my connection to God a good end to the day. But there was one day last week that helped to cleanse me from sin that I wanted to share with you. I’ve posted in earlier blogs that we are moving soon so my husband and I have been working hard to get rid of twenty years of things that have piled up during our marriage with kids, giving some to Goodwill and moving some to the new place. (And neither me nor my husband are organized people so it’s a bigger mess than we realized.) It’s almost done though and are moving within 30-60 days. So I was taking a shower at the end of day to wash the dirt off not realizing it would be another kind of cleansing shower. I stood under the water before I got out and just imagined all of the sin of today and of my past flowing down the drain. Some of it was little chunks of white lies I don’t even remember telling, a few scraps of loud yelling-at-the-kids, some cursing i’ve done after stubbing a toe or an angry rant. And the biggest one lately was being rude to my husband. You should try it sometime. Use your imagination and make some visual manifestations of those sins that keep coming up. Then watch them flow off your body and down the drain, never to return again, just like your sins when they are forgiven by God.

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8 thoughts on “A refreshing, cleansing shower

  1. Excellent post!! Love the imagery of your sin being washed away as in a shower! Blessings to you with your move!! My husband and I made a big move two years ago, and it was so stressful at times!! Will be praying for it to go smoothly!!

  2. This is why we depend on Jesus, no other bathing will cleanse our souls, and though He sanctified us at salvation, renewing our minds in Him is a daily practice, His beauty comes from the inside out.

  3. Love your analogy, Steph! Praying the rest of your packing up/giving away goes smoothly, along with your move. Especially that you will find God’s place for you and ministry in your new city.!

  4. We just downsized and moved after 30 years. After raising our family, we decided to go on an adventure together so I can relate to the task at hand for you and your husband. Loved the visual of picturing all my sin from the day washing down that drain. Thanks for sharing your insight!

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