What would Jesus do #3

After my last post someone pointed out that Jesus would have forgiven the gunman for shooting up the church, friends and family members. As Christians we have to forgive daily those that hurt or offend us for small things. But would you be able to forgive someone who murdered your spouse or child??? But that’s what God asks us to do.

Here are some things God says about forgiveness in the Bible: 1. We must forgive 70 times 7. In other words, countless times because that’s what God does for us. How many times have you sinned? Do you count them? Does God? NO! He forgives every single one of your sins! And He erases them As Far as the East is from the West (click on the Summer Bible study review page on the left to find out more about that.)  2.We must forgive others in order for God to forgive us. If we harbor ill will, resentment and hatred against others, not only is it bad for our disposition, our health and attitude but God will not forgive us for our many sins either. YIKES, to use one of my favorite exclamations…. and that would be very bad for us spiritually, cutting off our relationship with God.  3. All we have to do is ASK and God will forgive your every sin!! It’s that easy!

But forgiving someone who has murdered your best friend or child is definitely not easy. Just saying the words is the first step. Ask God to help your heart follow the words. He can make the hurt fade. It will never be forgotten, of course but He will fill that empty space with His love and blessings. Click To Tweet

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