Spiritual New Year’s Resolutions

Most people make resolutions that are very general and vague. They want to eat better or exercise more, maybe spend more time at home or less time watching tv. And those are great things to accomplish if you plan the right way (as I instructed in my last post.) Listening to the radio this week I heard some excellent spiritual New Year’s Resolutions: read one christian book for every secular book, make it a habit to pray before every meal and before bed with your children/family. I also thought of a few: when I catch my self judging someone by their clothing or any other reason, I am going to remind myself that God loves them and pray for them instead. Click To Tweet I will smile and find something positive to say to them. If I think a friend is having a hard time, I will offer a listening ear and not judgment. Then I will only offer advice if they ask for it.

Is there a character trait that you have seen in someone that you would like to emulate? Think about how to change yourself and your attitude to be like them. Ask God to change you. He is our Rock and our Refuge. He is our Help in our time of need. And He will always help you if you are trying to make yourself better and more Christlike.  “I actively press on so that I may take hold of that [perfection] for which Christ Jesus took hold of me and made me His own.” (Phil. 3:12 Amp) So God is all for you making yourself better, getting rid of bad habits and improving your self esteem. I have a 9 week Bible study on How to Love Yourself God’s Way along with a worksheet with questions and prayers you can do here

If you need help with your New Year’s Resolution, Steph is a Spiritual Mentor. Contact her at stephwrites68@gmail.com for more details. When you are planning your Women’s Ministry calendar for 2018, consider Steph Mounier as a speaker. Go to Steph Speaks Page to find out about her and her topics. Also check out Steph’s  books page or Bible journaling page.

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2 thoughts on “Spiritual New Year’s Resolutions

  1. My favorite attitude adjustment you suggested is: “when I catch my self judging someone by their clothing or any other reason, I am going to remind myself that God loves them and pray for them instead.” Love that thought and love the idea of looking at my heart attitudes and asking God to transform them (much more power for change in His power). Bless you today! I’m your neighbor at Holley’s.

    1. Thanks for visiting Sandra. My hope is that Christians can share Christ’s love and be less judgmental as most people of the world are likely to do. God bless you also.

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