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Some days, I find myself petting my Bible. Not only because it is God’s Word but because I have been Bible Journaling and decorating its pages. I like to run my hands over it and review what God has prompted me to paint, write and stick to it. Those things make me appreciate Him and who I am more. Now, I am always looking at how I can make it come alive visually so I can put some art on the page! Bible journaling is the newest craze in the christian craft community. A lot like scrapbooking, it allows you to use pens, paint, stickers and paper to embellish pages of your Bible. Below are some examples:

 This is the Inspire Bible by Tyndall House Publisher which already has some designed scripture verses in black and then you just color them in. But most margins are blank which gives you plenty of room to design your own page. Like this one:

You might say you are not artistic or creative. I like to think I am creative but I can’t draw anything but a stick figure. But with all the great colorful alphabet stickers, this is a piece of  cake. Acrylic paint does not bleed through the pages of most bible journals. And if you are worried, just put wax or parchment paper under your page. There’s lots to learn on YouTube too. Hope you will come back and visit me when I post more Bible journaling pages. And click on the blog to read my weekly posts.

The floral part on top was part of a coloring page. I had already colored it and thought it would be a beautiful addition to this page. All parts of the Bible are important, of course. But there are some verses that touch us more than others. And I can always look up the ones I covered up in one of the other Bibles I own.

This card I added with “Jesus prays for us” is called a tip in, something you can add to the page. I used the paints again then used the card to add the text. I originally wrote it by hand on the page but didn’t like how it looked. So if you make a mistake you can always cover it up!

Or you can try this plan: There are many scripture reading plans.
First, I read the section of scripture I’ve decided to write that day, usually a paragraph or two. Or if I am doing a Bible study book, whatever the book says to read that day, I write it after the lesson. You know, if you’ve read the Bible before, that some verses can be a repetitive, just in different or simpler words. So I choose not to write those. There are some verses that contain begats or this person traveled to that place. Don’t get me wrong, every word in the Bible is important. But I didn’t write a verse like, “All the brothers and sisters here join me in sending this letter to the churches of Galatia.” That’s an obvious one since I just started the book of Galatians. Then I read the scripture again as I write it. And I would have to reread it to find my place and write the rest of the verse since I can usually only remember half of the verse at a time. After I am done writing everything I decided to do for that day, I reread what I have written and underline the parts that stood out to me. Then before I write the next day’s paragraph, I read it again. So by the time I am done, I have read and meditated on it at least four times. And I have absorbed it much more than I would have just reading it and putting it down. Another thing I do at the suggestion of a bible study book I read is to use colored pencils and color scriptures green if they are positive instructions and red for those that tell us what not to do. In other words, green for go and red for stop!

It has made me see some things I have not seen before. God has spoken things to me I have not “read” before. And I have been blessed by this method of study tremendously. Click To TweetSo I wanted to write about it and share it with you so that you could also try it and be blessed.

For instance, in Galatians 3:8,9 it says “all nations” and “all who put their faith in Christ.” I’ve underlined these words since ALL is a an important word in the Bible. Jesus came to save all people, not just the Jews like they originally thought. And ALL people who believe in Jesus will be counted as righteous, not just those who never miss a day at church, never forget to pray or call a friend. EVERYONE! Then in Galatians 5:24 says, “Those who belong to Christ Jesus have nailed the passions and desires of their sinful nature to his cross…” meaning we need to symbolically take all of our sins and nail them to the cross, killing them and banishing them from our lives! These are just two of the main points of the book of Galatians. And reading this book of the Bible is what prompted me to write my blog posts about the Fruit of the Spirit. I hope you too will try this method and have a deeper look into the Bible.

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