What to do in a Crisis

What is the first thing you do when you receive bad news? The death of a friend or family member? A doctor tells you you have cancer? Or your daughter or sister has been raped? Or a child has stolen money for drugs?

WE CRY. We are emotional beings and when we are overwhelmed by shock and something that we do not expect to happen, our body reacts with tears. Some even go so far as faint or those in bad health may have a heart attack from the shock. 

Crying can be cleansing. Afterwards we usually feel sssooo much better, don’t we? Tears can help us to decide who or what is most important in our lives. Tears provide an emotional release so that we can use our brains for more logical thought processes.  Sometimes it can help clear the cobwebs and help us calm down enough to think clearly and decide what’s next: funeral arrangements, doctors visits, police interviews, arranging drug rehab, etc.

IT’S OKAY TO CRY. Unexpected sad or bad news is something we all have to go through in life.  Life will never be perfect. It's HARD but God will be with you to help you walk through it. Click To Tweet Second Corinthian 1:3-7 talks about God being our greatest comfort and He comforts us so that we can comfort others. I don’t know your story, if you are the only Christian in your family or circle of friends or if you are part of a strong Christian base. This may be a time when you will be comforted by others or you will be able to comfort others in it later.

Genesis 1:27 says we are created in God’s image so I take that to mean that He is an emotional being also. After all, Jesus wept when his friend Lazarus died. And he became justifiably angry when he found people trying to make money from the Jews by selling animals in the temple. But it was supposed to be a place of worship not a bazaar where money was exchanged. And I believe that Jesus was sad when He had to reveal that one of the apostles (Judas) would betray Him at the last supper. 

The next thing you can do is PRAY. Romans 8:26 says the Holy Spirit knows what to pray for us when we don't. Click To Tweet So you might not have the words because you are so stressed out but God knows what you need. Just sit down in a quiet place and pour  your heart out to Him. Tell him your worries and what you are most distressed about. Most likely, some of it won’t happen because GOD IS ON YOUR SIDE. I hope by now you are less stressed. But if you want help through this crisis email me at coachstephmoun@gmail.com for a free mentoring session. I will be praying for everyone who reads this page, that you will be blessed by it and that you will receive cleansing and clarity from your tears. I have been through lots of unexpected situations and shed lots of tears and know exactly where you are. God bless you.

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 photo by Evan Dennis