Steph’s Books

 Keep Christ in Christmas Devotional is a 10 minute-21 day devotional to keep your focus on Christ and not the world’s kind of Christmas.

Each day includes:

  • scripture
  • a short devotional
  • questions to contemplate and use for spiritual growth
  • Gift-giving homework ($0-$20)

You are God’s Masterpiece is the Christian’s Guide to Self Confidence. 

I know from personal experience that it is hard to love myself. But God clearly says in the Bible, right after, “love one another” that we have to love ourselves. My book will take you through the steps to do just that.

Are you riddled with guilt? Even though you know you are forgiven?

You are God’s Masterpiece!” uses Bible scriptures to assure you of God’s love and how to love yourself even though you don’t feel like it some days. People try to change our self-esteem with negative words but God is our creator and should be the only one to influence our thoughts.

Quotes from the book: “We rely on other humans for our approval because it is other humans who take care of us throughout our lives but not all humans are good caretakers or friends. And they definitely cannot love us like God loves us.”

We are not perfect because then we would not need God.” God is the only one who can heal us, forgive us and love us unconditionally.

You are God’s Masterpiece!” has visual exercises you can use to improve your self-esteem and relationship with God, or record these exercises and an auditory person can do them too.

And my Christian fiction romance book:

In it, Amy works through a crisis of faith after she is scarred by a man who tries to kill her. But her family reassures her that they will love her despite the scar. Even a new man in her life tells her that he loves her no matter what has happened to her. Will he convince her and protect her from the one who wants her dead?

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