After surgery

Here it is 12 hours after my surgery and my eyesight with one “fixed” eye is better than both eyes with corrective lenses that were becoming ineffective. Praise God for modern medicine!

As I said I need my previous posts I was anxious before the surgery but they did give me an anti-anxiety drug which helped tremendously. Then I could concentrate on what the dr was asking me to do and not on pain or my surroundings. That’s how God’s Word helps us sometimes isn’t it? Don’t get me wrong, but I’m not comparing God’s Word to drugs… But in order for me to be comfortable on that hospital bed and allow the dr to take a knife to my eye without me kicking and screaming, I needed something to keep me calm. The Bible can give us those words of love, and comfort, and Words straight from God’s own heart to ours to give us peace and love. I hope you will continue to seek God and His Word each day for those things whatever the situation in your life.

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Before surgery 2

It was my intention to make three posts before my surgery, one for each week. But I got sick several days after the first post. I have been sick for two whole weeks with a sinus infection and miserable. But after the first week I went to the Dr and got some antibiotics. So my prayers have gone from heal me to comfort me and then back to heal me after the surgery. But in my devotions and daily scripture emails I have seen several scriptures about fear which have told me to be “strong and courageous”  and “feat not!” And 4 verses that say, “What can man do to me if God is on my side?/with me?” So I may have to repeat these things over and over in my head during surgery but God is good and He will be with me! The countdown begins. Surgery is in 4 days, Wednesday at 8:45 am. Pray for me if you can, thank you.

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Before Surgery 1

Three weeks from today I’m going to have cataract surgery. You are probably thinking, “Isn’t she a little young to have cataracts?” The answer is yes. Even the ophthalmologist I went to was skeptical until he looked at my eyes, even though an optometrist (the eye glass doctor) sent me with a referral. I was told at the age of forty that I had cataracts and they said, “You shouldn’t have any vision problems for 15 or 20 years.” But it is SEVEN years later and I could tell my vision was getting rapidly worse. So I went to the eye doctor and she said one eye had gone from 1.25 magnification to 2.5 and the right eye went from 1.5 to 5.0!! I have to tell you it’s really scary.

I have had surgery before, with two of my children. But i didn’t have to watch it. In this case, the doctor will be pointing a scalpel at my eye. I have looked up all the verses on fear and of course the one that stand out is the one that says, “Love drives out fear.” I am so glad God loves me so much. I am really going to need it during this time. I’m sure there are Christians that have been in much more fearful situations than cataract surgery and cried out to God for His help and mercy. Isn’t He awesome that He will always be with us to take away our fear and give us mercy when we don’t deserve it?

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